Teen Patti

In these times, the card game Teen Patti has become increasingly popular. At the same time, there are different betting variations and moves that offer a lot of fun for the players. That is why we will describe here in a concrete way what this card game is all about. After reading, you will be free to call yourself a master of Teen Patti!

To begin with, this is a card game that includes some features of other games, such as Poker and other similar games. First of all, we can find a bet with which the game starts. For that, there is a player who starts the bet and stands next to the croupier.

At this point, we can mention several versions of the same game related to betting. So, there are different ways to be able to win money and have fun at the same time.

  1. Types of Bets in Teen Patti

One of the main forms of gambling is through loose versus tight play. In particular, this is the specific way that players decide to move through the entire game. On the one hand, a player may decide to play a certain hand, but not in the first round, but beyond.

On the other hand, any player can also decide to play the same hand and quickly double the bet. In the same way, there is no certain percentage of hands played or a proportion related to it. So, players are not tied to a threshold in this same sense.

Also, some players with somewhat weak hands are likely to withdraw. In other words, this simply means that a player is tight. Conversely, a player who decides to play more hands and look for the chill will likely bet more accurately. This player is called a weak player.

Another way to play and bet is through the entry fee. As we have mentioned every time a new game starts players must bet a certain amount of money initially. Generally, each player usually allocates an amount equal to the others.

This is not an optional bet, but the entry fee is a mandatory bet that all players must fulfill before the game starts. This initial percentage or amount may vary, but is usually a small amount of money. Therefore, when a player decides to withdraw before the end of the round, he will of course lose his money.

So, this type of bet forces most players not to withdraw early. Otherwise, each hand would be free if the player withdraws without having made any bets. Also, with this type of betting the total amount of money increases more and more which is an excellent incentive for any player.

The third way of betting is the typical publishing. In this case, it is a requirement to be able to re-enter the game. It is quite common for a player to lose his game and walk away to go to the bathroom, have a drink, and so on. In that case, then, the player must post if he intends to return to the game.

Here it is simply a matter of betting the amount of money needed to be able to play the next game. So, the specific amount must be the same as when the player lost the previous hand.

However, this does not happen when it is a new player who wants to enter the next hand. Simply, if you could not play before, then you should not pay previous bets. Here it will be enough to just pay for the next game.

Fourthly, we can name the blind bet. Usually, this type of bet is made before the game starts. What we want to look for here is a simulation of the bets that are made during the game. So, a player bets a normal amount after the card deal.

After that, the next player makes a large or complete bet. As the game progresses, each player will make some sort of these two bets. In the same way, some limits can be imposed on the number of bets each player can make.

Finally, the most classic bit of all in Teen Patti is made up of two main moments. Call and raise, which is the type of bet that is made throughout the entire game. It is very similar to the bets made in poker.

Here a player must make a bet whose amount is not less than the previous player’s bet. Of course, he also has a second option to make a bet that is bigger than that.

  • Types of limits

Within this game, some limits are imposed on different bets. In this case, the amount of bets and raises that a player can make has four different limits.

The first one is the fixed limit, and it corresponds to a predetermined betting structure. Generally, the amount of the last bet is the same as the maximum raise amount. So players can move between these points.

So, the amount of the call will be the same as the maximum raise amount. In the same way, twice the last bet is the same as the maximum bet of one round. However, there are other types of limits that we can continue to list.

Another limit that is often used is the spread limit. Here the player can increase his bets up to a predetermined limit. In turn, the maximum level of each stake is usually set before any play begins.

On top of that, the pot limit is the third type of limit that many players use. In this case, we can notice that any player can increase his bets up to the same amount as the maximum pot. This is another excellent way that requires certain strategies in every game.

Finally, and perhaps a very important aspect is the non-imposition of limits throughout the game. Here, anyone can notice that there is simply no limit included in each of the bets that players can make. So, this provides more freedom to the moment and to play around. 

  • Movement of the game

Some common movements are performed in most of this type of game and their different variants. One of them is called blind play and has some particular characteristics. In this case, you can notice that the bets are made without each player knowing the cards he has dealt with.

Therefore, there is a great luck factor that will allow you to win or lose each of the players. Therefore, players who think they have been lucky in their cards make big bets to get an additional benefit later on. In the same way, those players who do not want to lose too much only bet a minimum amount.

Therefore, this is a model that offers a high level of excitement. However, other ways of playing also offer a great incentive.

Another one is the Chaal phase, whose moves are one of the most classic among those existing today. In this case, each player can make a set once he has seen all his cards. So, when it is exactly the turn of each player, he will have the possibility to make a bet between the limits that have been imposed in a move.

Of course, each player makes a weak or strong bet. This depends on whether he has been dealt a strong or a weak hand. Additionally, a player may consider that the hand he has been dealt with is not as strong as he needed.

In such a case, a player has the possibility of packing either within his turn or outside his turn. However, packing out of turn is not considered polite at any time.

On the other hand, it is possible to get another version of this rule. Whether they want to see the cards or double them as well, players may only do so when it is their turn.

The third group of moves that is quite common to find is a sideshow, back show, and engagement. In this case, a certain player can ask for a sideshow from the previous player. The goal here is to compare the different hands of one player with the others. So, these are additional moves that complement the game.

Finally, another classic move comes when the betting ends in some way. In particular, there are two specific ways in which bets can end. A certain player may be the last one to win all the money regardless of the cards.

On the other hand, it can also happen that the vast majority of the players pack, except for two of them. Among them, the player who has the cards and the most important move will win the money.

  • Ranking of the plays

Before commenting on the specific category in which hands should be classified, a clarification is needed. In principle, there are two different ways in which Teen Patti can be played. Players can choose to play with the two jokers or simply remove them from the game. The latter being the case, players only have the 52 cards in a conventional deck.

Of course, the goal of any player will be to have the strongest or most important hand at the end of a game. In the same way, a player who has a strong hand will always seek to increase the pot. Along with this, the logic is quite simple. Any hand that is superior to another will always win a game.

It could also happen that two people have a hand in the same category. In that case, then the pot is split between each of them. So, here it doesn’t matter which player of the two has requested a match.

Additionally, you can also add the rule that each card has a certain value. So, in this way, it will be easier to determine who is the real winner in a certain match. At the same time, there will be no draw or splitting of the pot here.

1. When a player has 3 cards with the same number, then it means that he has a trio. Also, here when a player has 3 times the number 2 then it is the lowest hand. On the contrary, the highest and strongest hand will be three aces.  In particular, this move is perhaps one of the strongest.

2. As a second hand we can mention the straight flush, or also called a pure sequence. Here a player must simply have three cards that are of the same suit, and besides, they must be consecutive. Of course, there is also a certain hierarchy of the different ladders that can be formed here.

3. Unlike the straight flush, the third possible move is to form a straight or sequence. It is simply a hand that consists of 3 cards that are not of the same suit. It is also three cards that are consecutive. As it happens in the previous move, here there is also a certain hierarchy between the strongest and the weakest sequences.

4. Fourthly, we find the hand called blush or also known as color. In this case, it is 3 cards of the same suit no matter which one it is. Here two players might have the same hand or the same cards. To know who is the winner, then the highest cards of each of them are taken into account.

5. Additionally, we can find the pair or double hand. Here it is simply a group of 2 cards that provides the same rank. Therefore, the winning player will be the one with the highest cards in a pair.

6. Finally, it could happen that a player does not have any of the previous hands. In this case, simply compare the highest card each of them holds. If two players have the same high card, then they must compare the rest of their cards. In this simple way, you can determine who is the winner of the pot.

  • Different variations of Teen Patti exist

As we mentioned, there’s no one way we can find Teen Patti. So, we can name each of them as they relate to this card game. That’s why we can name the best-known versions here. It is also important to note that some players decide to start a hand with a combination of the following variations.

1. One of the most known variations nowadays is the best of the four. In this case, it is a fairly simple version that does not require much time. Each player will have four cards at the beginning of the game. It is only possible to play with these four initial cards.

After that, simply each player has the goal of forming the best hand with 3 cards. That’s why there is a big luck factor in this particular version.

2. Another well-known variation is lowball. In this case, it is a version that has many similarities with the poker version itself. In particular, all the rankings and combinations that are possible are taken into account here as well.

However, the difference here is that the higher combinations will be the lower ones in this version of the game. That is why the players aim to get the combinations of cards that are normally low.

3. Thirdly we can find another variation that is widely known in these times. Specifically, it is a wild drawing. The dealer deals the cards to all the players and then draws an additional card at random.

Therefore, the nomination of all cards will be the same as the rank of the card that has been drawn last.

4. In fourth place, we can place another of the variations known as low wild. In this case, the lowest-ranked card of any player is important. In the same way, all cards within the same range are considered.

The important thing here is that the card with the lowest rank will be a joker only when that player uses it. In combination with this, you can also have two Jokers when a player’s lowest two cards are even. So, this variation provides each player with a wide range of freedom of movement.

5. There is also another variation that is very similar to this last one. Here the most important thing will be the highest card that any player has. Along with this, as in the previous case, all cards of the same range are also considered.

This means that the highest card of a player becomes a joker that only that player can use. In the same way, when the player has a pair of cards, that is two cards of the same rank, it means that the player has two jokers.

6. In sixth place, we can mention another variation known as two lower jokers. To begin with, each player will receive only 4 cards. All of them the player has a virtual joker that consists of two cards that are the lowest. This is a joker that can only be used in that hand and by that player.

7. Another variation that is usually used is the bust draw cards. Here is a variation that is very similar to others we have mentioned before. On the one hand the dealer deals and pays out all the cards of all the players. To make the payoff the dealer draws a card only after he has made the deal.


  1. How can I win Teen Patti every time?

There is a certain way to win every game a player starts. To do this, it is necessary to follow some useful tips that usually work in most games. First, each player should only place the bets he is willing to pay, in case he loses. Then it is important to analyze the behavior of each of the competitors.

Another important aspect is not to show emotions when a player has a strong hand. The recommended thing here is to simply make a major bet instantly. Additionally, some players choose to play blind to win games. Finally, some players may choose to analyze opponents with weak hands, and then bluff them.

To play the different variations of this card game at home, it is important to consider some rules. Generally, aces are the highest cards, while cards with the number 2 are the lowest. When you compare two cards with the same color you should compare and find out which one is the highest.

On the other hand, it can also happen that this is not necessary according to every variation of the game. When the last two players have the same cards the pot can be dealt with them. Therefore, this means that the winners will be two instead of one.

  • What is the rule of Teen Patti?

To begin with a dealer deals cards to all players. The objective here is that each player has only 3 cards. In turn, they all have the chance to bet on the person with the best hand. In this sense, there are two different ways to play with the cards.

One of them is that each player can see the cards before making a bet. On the other hand, when players decide to play blind, then none of them can see the cards before making a bet.

  • What is the largest card in Teen Patti?

We can mention that the highest card can be any of the aces. In the same way, the highest value hand will be a trio of cards. In particular, the player with three aces will be the one with the strongest hand of all.

Final Words

In short, it is a card game that is becoming increasingly popular throughout India. However, this does not mean that anyone cannot learn to play this game in their own home. Each of its different variations and rules offers excellent fun for 2 or more players.

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