Steam Tower

The goal of this game is to climb up the Steam Tower slot bonus game and to save the princess. During this brave feat, you’ll receive a hefty coin reward as well!

Theme, graphics and sound

The Steam Tower slot is a true ode to the industrial age. From the mechanic bolts on symbols to the background music, it is reminiscent of the Victorian age in England.

Steam Tower Slot Gameplay

This fancy slot is played on a 5-reel, 3-row slot board. It has 15 pay lines and this cannot be changed. You can only change the amount of your bet, but the lines will always be 15.

There are 8 different symbols in the game. The highest paying symbols are Dragon, Man, Princess and Tower. A, K, Q, and J are low paying symbols.

Free Spins and Special Features

In the free spins feature of the game, you climb the steam tower, increase your multiplier and bring down great coin wins!

As you climb the tower, your multiplier increases by 1 point. In total, there are 16 floors. When you reach the highest floor, you will receive your bet multiplied by 1000.

How can you climb the floors in the Steam Towers slot?

First, you need to trigger the Free Spins feature which presents the first floor. This game starts when there’s a stacked Wild symbol covering one of the reels. There needs to be at least one Stacked Wild in order for the game to start.

When your free games start, you begin with 10 free spins at first. Every time you land a Wild symbol, you will get another 2 spins on your current total of bonus spins. Not only that, but you will climb a floor, which will increase your multiplier.

So, wait for the bonus spins feature, climb the tower, save the princess and become the hero of old England!


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