Samba Bingo

Samba Bingo is a gaming version developed by Microgaming. If you’re a bingo fan who has tried many different versions of this game online, prepare for a novelty! Samba Bingo by Microgaming will definitely surprise you and provide you with an amazing gaming experience. You can try it here for free before playing for real money.

Theme, graphics and sound

The graphic and animation part of Samba Bingo is definitely a benefit of this game. The animation really give the game a sense of action and fast pace. The background samba music will also help you stay excited for the next draw.

When you first enter, you will see that you have four bingo cards available for your play. The bingo is located in the middle, where you will see the balls drop all at once. This may even be somewhat fast for some players, who enjoy seeing the numbers come out one by one.

At the top of the screen, you can see the exact payout list for all possible combinations, so you will know what to expect in advance.

Samba Bingo Gameplay

Even though you receive the numbers you are going to bet on, you can always choose the switch the cards you’re playing with. Next to the play button, you can see the ‘Change Cards’ option. If you’re not happy with the batch you’ve been given, you can change the set of cards.

Also, you’re not required to play with 4 cards at the same time. If you want to decrease the number of bets and deactivate one of the cards, you can do that by clicking on the card or clicking the minus button in the command line.

You can also decrease your stake if it’s too much for you in the beginning. To adjust it, click on minus or plus in the ‘Stake’ section.

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