Pharaoh Bingo

It wouldn’t be a casino game if there wasn’t the ever-popular Ancient Egypt theme! Widely popular in slots and jackpot games, Pharaohs have found their place in bingo games, too. If you’re a fan of Egypt’s treasures and mysteries, try the Pharaoh Bingo game!

Theme, graphics and sound

As soon as you enter the game, you will be greeted with the familiar sounds of Egyptian music. If you haven’t been hyped up until now, you will definitely become pumped up now!

The Pharaoh Bingo is located in the middle, where you can see all the numbers that were drawn in the raffle.

The bingo cards are located around it and there are four of them.

Pharaoh Bingo Gameplay

No matter if you haven’t played Pharaoh Bingo before, you will quickly learn how to do it, as the game is pretty straightforward.

First, you have to decide whether you want to play with all 4 bingo cards that have been assigned to you. If you want to shut some of them down, you can click on them to deactivate them or reduce the number in the ‘Cards’ section.

To decrease the stake, you can use the minus option under the ‘Stake’ section.

After you have decided on your bet, it’s time to start to game and find out if you’re a winner. Before you trigger the bonus draw, you can change the cards that you have received by clicking the ‘Change Cards’ button.

When you’re ready, click on Play. After that, the game will automatically show you which of your cards and lines were winning ones. If you miss only one number on different lines, you can choose to draw an extra ball at a cost. This is a great way to increase your wins if you’re just an inch away from a win, but don’t overdo it.

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