Monkey keno

Get ready for the Monkey Keno excitement which will make you go berzerk! If you want to make sure that you’re on top of all the rules before playing for real money, you can try the game out for free here.

Theme, graphics and sound

If you like the beach vibe as part of online casino games, you’ll definitely love Monkey Keno! Enjoy island music and happy-go-lucky atmosphere as you play.

In the center part of the game, you can see the Win button which will sparkle with coins when you get a win!

If you want to play a game that’s very casual, but also extremely fun to play, Monkey Keno is a perfect choice.

Monkey Keno Gameplay

Before you start playing this game, make sure you’re familiar with all the rules of Keno.

In this game, the game layout board consists of numbers from 1-80. Before you start, you can take your pick of numbers. Choose up to 15 lucky numbers that you think will be drawn out in the raffle! You can click on the numbers to choose your own. The number is entered into the game when it is marked in green.

If you don’t mind playing with random numbers, you can also choose the ‘Quick Pick’ option at the bottom of the screen.

So, the minimum amount of numbers you can choose is 1, while the max is 15.

After you’ve picked your numbers, the game draws out the 20 winnings numbers. Depending on how many numbers you have correctly predicted, you will receive your payout. On the right side of the game, you can see a table. This table from 1-15 shows how much you can expect to win by picking a certain number of winning balls. For example, if you pick only one number, if it’s drawn you will get a x3 win.

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