European Roulette Pro

If you’re a master of the roulette table, prove your skills on NetEnt’s European Roulette Pro. Try it out for free here before playing for real money. It’s one of the most popular casino games ever, and European is among the top 3 Roulette variants.

Theme, graphics and sound

The best way to describe NetEnt’s European Roulette Pro is simply: fancy. Even though you might be playing from the comfort of your sofa, you will feel like a Las Vegas high-roller.

The beautiful design of the table and the roulette wheel give the whole game a flair of authenticity and sophistication.

It’s also well-optimized for mobile players. If you’re playing using your mobile phone, you will easily see everything because the table and the commands are very responsive.

European Roulette Pro Gameplay

You’ve entered this impressive table and now it’s time to play. However, there are so many commands and options that it’s easy to get lost. Read this quick overview of the European Roulette Pro table to start playing.

The table has a minimum bet of 1, while the maximum is 500. This is one of the highest limits in online roulette games.

To start playing, choose a chip value from the bottom right part of the screen. When you hover over particular bet options, you will see a highlight of the areas the bet covers. This way, it’s very easy to observe all the possible bets, even if you are not a pro.

When you have decided what you want to bet on and placed your chip, you can choose Spin or Quick Spin. The roulette wheel will determine whether your bet won or lost.

In the lower left corner of the screen, you can find some stats that will help you choose the numbers and bets you want to wager your money on.

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