Electro bingo

Microgaming is famous for developing great bingo games which suit different types of players. You might have previously enjoyed the thrills of Pharaoh Bingo or Mayan Bingo by Microgaming. If you’re a bigger fan of the future and sci-fi than history, Electro Bingo is your game! Try it in the demo version here.

Theme, graphics and sound

Just as you can assume, everything about the game is electro-themed. The entire Electro Bingo game is like a sci-fi video game set in the future, in the cyber space.

Everything from music to design and animations oozes this electro-culture. If you’re a fan of this type of stuff, you’ll surely love Electro Bingo. However, if you’re a bigger fan of historic themes and familiar story lines, you might be better off with some other game.

The design of the game is mostly black with certain flashy details, which gives the game a really futuristic vibe.

Electro Bingo Gameplay

Microgaming usually offers similar gaming technologies in its bingo games. Therefore, if you have ever played Microgaming bingo games before, you will quickly find your way around this one.

The game starts when you adjust your desired bet level and click on Play. After that, the balls will be shown in the lower part of the screen one by one. This is an improvement for those players who like to track the numbers that come out. Usually, online bingo games pour out all the numbers at once. However, even though Electro Bingo animation is fast, you can still keep track of numbers as they come.

After the round is finished, the game will ask you whether you want an additional ball and will show you the exact cost of the extra ball. After the first one, you will have to ability to ask for additional numbers if you’d like to.


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