Blackjack classic

Blackjack Classic is a casino game that’s popular world-wide, as well as in India. It’s a simple card game where a player competes against the dealer. Even though the rules are simple, the game is very interesting and thrilling.

Theme, graphics and sound

Before you start your Blackjack Classic game, you will have three options to customize your gaming experience. This is specific for Bodog game developer: they always find a way to make every game personalized.

The first option is to choose a clean deck with a large symbol, the second is a regular illustrated card, while the third is realistic drawings. You can also choose the color of your background. Opt for red, blue or green and click on the check to start playing.

Blackjack Classic Gameplay

Bodong has developed an incredibly sleek and elegant Blackjack classic game. Whereas other versions of this game usually feature a green table image with a stack of chips and a real-casino imitation, Bodog has simplified its classic blackjack only to the most important features.

It’s very simple to find your way around the game if you know the rules of blackjack. Each of the most important commands is very visible, as developers have made an effort to make the game as user-friendly as possible.

If you want to learn or brush up on the rules, you can click on the Menu button in the lower left corner. There, you will find the Rules section which explains blackjack in a simple way. If you would like to learn through playing or test your knowledge after you read the rules, you can do it for free on our platform above. When you decide to play in a real online casino, you can read some of our recommendations for best casinos for blackjack online.

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