Beetle Bingo Scratch

Developed by Playtech, a renowned casino games developer, Beetle Bingo Scratch is one of the best bingo games out there! If you enjoy excitement and versatility in your gaming, Beetle Bingo will do the trick. Try it here for free before playing in a real-money casino.

Theme, graphics and sound

If you expected beetles to actually be present in this game, you will not be disappointed! You will be able to see these lucky bugs on the left part of the screen.

These beetles are the way that you can win in Beetle Bingo Scratch – the jar with beetles is basically your bingo wheel.

As you can expect, this game is a combination of bingo and scratch cards. It’s divided into three components which are very clearly separated.

Beetle Bingo Scratch Gameplay

Before you start your game of Beetle Bingo Scratch, you should choose your card value. The minimum allowed amount is 0.5, while the maximum you can bet is 10. When you are ready, you can click on the ‘Play’ button in the lower right corner.

The jar with the beetles will open and bingo numbers will fall out. After you have scratched your cards, you will also see the assigned value for each card. The values of the cards are assigned randomly and can range from 2x the bet or thousands times multipliers.

There are 5 numbers on one scratch card line, and your goal is to receive all 5 of them among the beetle bingo draw. When you get a 5-number winning combination, you will be assigned a win of the denominated value below the card.

There is also the third section of the game which allows you an additional chance to win, even if you haven’t won in the bingo section. Here, all 90 numbers are marked and you can form winning lines.

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