Baccarat gold

If you are the type of player who likes everything better, faster, stronger and more luxurious, try the amazing Baccarat Gold! You can see the demo version in the window above. Check it out before playing for real money online.

Theme, graphics and sound

Microgaming simply adores its Baccarat games and especially their players. That’s why they have tried hard to bring their players the experience of high-end, luxury Bacarrat.

The game is inspired by Chinese culture and beautiful Chinese games of luck. On the table itself, you will find Chinese symbols marking the names of the players.

As you will see, the number 4 is skipped on the table. This is because four is considered an unlucky number in Chinese culture. So, if you want ancient luck on your side, try the amazing Baccarat Gold!

Baccarat Gold Gameplay

Unlike some other games of this type, Baccarat Gold will allow you to play with a high number of ‘hands’ – 9 in total. This means that you can decide to place several bets on the same deal. For example, you can choose to bet on the banker on the one hand, and the player on the other (with different bet values). This is a great way to manage your risk levels and develop a betting strategy that will help you win consistently.

The game of Baccarat Gold is pretty intuitive if you have played the game before. You simply choose the coin value you wish to play with and place it on Banker, Player or Tie. Just like in most other Bacarrat games, the tie result pays out in a 8 to 1 ratio. After you are ready and satisfied with your bet structure, click on deal. You will have the option to ‘squeeze’ the card without actually accepting it.

Are you ready to win? Play now!

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