Microgaming, the famous slot developer, places a lot of importance into its table games. Next to the ever-popular blackjack and table poker games, Baccarat is also a huge success both in land-based and online casino! If you want to find out whether the reputation of the best Baccarat gaming developer really belongs to Microgaming, try the game for free here.

Theme, graphics and sound

If you have played your fair share of Baccarat games in the past, you likely know that the game layouts mostly look similar.

So, if you’re in for something different and really attractive, Microgaming’s Baccarat is one of the most beautiful ones out there.

You will be playing on a dark green table with a grid representing your possible bets. The design is very intuitive and you will quickly find your way around the game, even if you have entered it for the first time.

Baccarat Gameplay

As you can see from the grid and design, Baccarat will let you bet on Banker, Player and Tie, as expected. You can find the command buttons on the lower part of the screen.

After you have picked your favorite (the outcome you think is more likely in the next deal), you will instantly see the result after a second. The cards are dealt one by one to the dealer and the banker. Even if you’re not sure on the exact value of each card, this game has conveniently added a value counter next to the cards.

After the deal is done, you will see one of the positions, Banker or Player say ‘Win’ or ‘Tie’ in the case of a tie. If there’s a tie and you bet on the banker or player position, you will get your bet back. For tie bets who end in wins, the payout is 8 to 1.

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