Playtech is a favorite casino games developer for many players. If you like clean and well-designed casino games featured in the best casinos, you’ll definitely love Playtech. In this overview, we’re presenting Playtech’s take on Baccarat – the table game that’s popular for ages all over the world!

Theme, graphics and sound

Just like we’ve stated, Playtech aims to make things simple, but attractive as hell. When you first enter the Baccarat game, you will maybe think ‘Well, is this all there is?’. But after only a couple of minutes, you will see that it is going to be downright impossible to stop playing.

Just like most other online casino table games, this Baccarat version is set on a green colored table. All of the bets are visible on the table and you choose them by clicking on them.

Baccarat Gameplay

First of all, make sure you have thoroughly understood the rules of the Baccarat game before you start to play. The best way to learn is to first read through the rules and then try them out in an example game. You can find a demo version in the window above if you want to test out whether you understand the rules of Baccarat.

The interesting thing about this version is that it will let you make some side bets, too. Usually, Baccarat games come down to betting on whether the player or banker will won (or will there be a tie). Here, you have many additional options.

First, you can bet on Big-Small. Then, you can also predict whether the player or the banker will get a pair. Correctly predicting this will bring you an 11:1 payout.

Lastly, there is the option to bet on ‘Perfect Pair’ or ‘Either Pair’. So, try this version if you prefer additional options in your game!