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In popular culture, Bingo has been presented as a game for senior citizens on Florida who are looking for their next thrill in a bingo hall. However, with the rise of online bingo games in casino websites, things have changed immensely.

Now, online bingo is one of the most popular casino games of all, next to slot machine games and table games. Just like some of the other casino evergreens, it has successfully made the transfer from land-based casinos and gaming rooms to the digital realm.

The greatest thing about bingo that it’s a real entertainment mode – you don’t have to stress out, strategize and worry about the next move like in some other casino games. Without complicated strategies and tricks, there are no factors that separate beginners from pros.

It’s a game of pure luck, which is why it’s so fun in the first place. If you lose, you don’t feel so bad because it’s not your fault like in poker, for example. But when you win, the thrill is enormous and you really feel Lady Luck smiling to you!

Therefore, online bingo is the perfect activity to relax in the comfort of your own home and let the fun and excitement carry you away. You never know; you might be one of those lucky online bingo winners to win one of the jackpots or even the main prize.

If you’re ready to start the fun, here are some of the best games that you can choose if you want to play online bingo games!

Beetle Bingo Scratch

Bingo is a super thrilling game all by itself, but what about when it gets into a mix with another ultra-popular game? The results are simply amazing!

As you can see from the title, Beetle is a combination of two games: bingo and scratch cards. The game was developed by Playtech, a casino games developer who’s known for innovative and unique casino games out there.

No matter how many online bingo games you have played before, trust us: you have never seen anything like this one before. This game will give you a fresh boost of versatility and excitement and change the way you look at bingo playing.

Theme, graphics and sound

Believe it or not, there are actually beetles (tiny bugs) present in the game, cheering you on from the left side of your bingo screen.

These beetles are your bingo numbers, and the jar is basically the Bingo wheel.

As a combination of bingo and scratch cards, the design of the game is split into 3 different sections which are divided into the beetles, bingo tickets and scratch card.

Beetle Bingo Scratch Gameplay

Before starting your first game of Beetle Bingo Scratch, you will need to choose the value of your card, which will actually present the bet amount that you are playing with. The minimum amount that’s allowed for betting is 0.5. The maximum you can bet is 10. After you have set up the bet amount that you want to play with, simply click on the Play button in the lower right corner of the screen.

Now, the game will begin and this is when these beetles go crazy. The jar with the tiny bug numbers opens and they fly out. In order to see the value that each card present (the potential winnings if there’s a bingo), you need to scratch the surface around them. These values are randomly assigned and can amount to anywhere from double your bet to thousand as much.

Every scratch card line contains 5 numbers. In order to win in Beetle Bingo Scratch, you need to receive all 5 of these numbers among the numbers that have been drawn out in the beetle bingo. The amount that you win will depend on the value of the exact card that you’ve won in, which is stated below the card.

If you’re not lucky in the bingo section of the game (and even if you got some hits), there is an additional chance to win even more in the third section of the game. The right-most section is where all 90 numbers are marked and where you can form winning lines on the grid.

Bingo Bonanza

Wondering what makes this Bingo called Bonanza? After playing for just a few minutes, you will see for yourself – the fun times will show you why this game is so popular! The Bingo Bonanza game is perfect for players who are looking for that extra dose of excitement after years of playing.

Theme, graphics and sound

Bingo Bonanza is not like anything you have ever played before. So, not only are the rules and payouts different, but the theme and design is different, too.

This gives the game an exciting appeal of something fresh and never seen before, because it really is like this.

The command line, where you decide and set up the way you want to play the game, is located in the lower part of your screen. You will see the grand bingo wheel on the right side of the screen. On the left, the game lists multipliers that you can expect if you win.

When bingo balls are drawn out, they are shown on the right part of the screen.

Bingo Bonanza Gameplay

This is definitely not your regular bingo game. Just like we have said before, it’s actually for bingo fans who are interested in trying out something completely different and new. If you’re looking for a classic bingo game with cards and a simple draw, you might be better off choosing some other game.

Unlike in other bingo games, you don’t choose your lucky numbers or get cards that you play with. What you’re actually going for is for the dealer to draw a multiplier. Of course – the bigger the better. A multiplier is the amount of times your initial bet will be multiplied in order to calculate your total win.

The available multipliers in the game are:

  • x1
  • x2
  • x5
  • x10
  • x40
  • x250
  • x5000
  • x20,000

How can you get a high multiplier in this game?

First of all, in order to receive any type of multiplier, you need to get two identical balls, which will be marked by two dots on your multiplier cards on the left side of the screen.

For example, if you wager 2 and you receive a x2 win, you will get 4 coins back. Of course, just like in any other game, the bigger the multiplier, the chances of winning it are lower. However, you can expect to frequently land a x1 and x2 multiplier. The RTP of this game is really high, though, so you never know what can happen. Maybe you will be the lucky 20,000 multiplier winner!

Electro Bingo

Developed by super-popular Microgaming, Electro Bingo is a game that appeals to all types of bingo players. This casino games developers is previously known for producing amazing bingo games like Pharaoh Bingo or Mayan Bingo. If you liked those, take a look at something similar, but quite fresh! Instead of ancient worlds, you can join in on the fun in the electro world of tomorrow.

Theme, graphics and sound

Everything about the Electro Bingo is future-themed and simply oozes power and electricity. It’s like a science fiction game set in the not-so-distant future, in the mysterious and appealing realms of the cyber space.

The design of the game is mostly black with certain flashy details, which gives the game a really futuristic vibe.

Electro Bingo Gameplay

Microgaming as a developer usually provides a similar gaming technology and infrastructure for all of its bingo games. You may have seen it before if you played some other Microgaming bingo games. The gameplay is pretty similar to other games, so you will quickly get a good grip if you have ever played them before.

The game will start after you adjust your bet level and click Play.

After that, the balls will be shown in the lower part of the screen one by one. The balls in Electro Bingo go out of the wheel one by one, so you can easily track them and see what’s happening in your cards. This gives the game an additional layer of excitement.

When everything is over, it’s actually not over yet! After all the balls have gone out of the wheel, the game will give you an option to receive an additional ball if you want to. However, this ball comes at a prices so make sure it’s beneficial to see it.

Mayan Bingo

Also developed by Microgaming, as we have previously mentioned, Mayan Bingo is a spectacular game that will take you into the ancient world of the Mayans.

Mayan and Aztek is a theme that is ever present in casino games. The extraordinary allure of these culture has spread to bingo games, too.

Theme, graphics and sound

The theme of Mayan bingo is similar to other Microgaming bingo games, except the graphics are different. The central illustration and the focus of the theme, which also works as a bingo wheel, is found in the center.

It’s a Mayan Temple that will draw out balls that can bring you huge fortunes. If you request for any new balls after the regular draw is over, they will also appear here.

Scattered around the central temple you will see your bingo cards. The fact that the bingo wheel is located in the center and the cards surround it makes the design very user-friendly and responsive, especially for mobile play.

Mayan Bingo Gameplay

Before you start your first draw, make sure you pick the exact amount of money that you want to bet. If you are not sure how much is your current bet set to, you can see the amount in the section ‘Total Bet’.

If the wager is too high for you or you simply want to play with a lesser number of cards, you can reduce the number of cards that are activated for play. If you want, you can choose to stick with the original number of cards, but reduce your bet amount instead.

The minimum amount you can bet in Mayan Bingo is 0.1, while the maximum is 2. If you bet on all for cards, this maximum bet will amount to a total of 8.

The initial bet that you choose for the first draw is not fixed: after finalizing the draw, you can go back to the command board and set up your bet preferences again.

As soon as you’re ready to play, click on the Play button. This will trigger the central temple to draw balls and you will see winning numbers appearing on the screen. After your game is done, you have the option to have another chance at luck with an additional ball.

Pharaoh Bingo

This is another popular and beloved game from the Microgaming portfolio. The secret of this game lies in two thing: first, it features the well-liked Egyptian theme. This theme is present in slot machines, table games and all other types of casino games. Secondly, it uses the tried-out Microgaming infrastructure for casino bingo games.

Theme, graphics and sound

Familiar, but still mysterious and appealing Egyptian music will greet you as soon as you enter your game. If you haven’t gotten in the mood for playing yet, you will definitely be now!

Just like in Mayan Bingo, the central icon is the most important, as it presents the Bingo wheel and draws out the winning numbers. In this case, the middle symbol is, of course, the pharaoh.

The bingo cards that you will be playing with are located around the central symbol and there are four of them.

Pharaoh Bingo Gameplay

Even if you have never played Bingo before, this game is very clear and straightforward, so you will easily learn the ropes. Any player who has any played a bingo game before can expect to quickly find their way around Pharaoh Bingo.

Before you start, you will have to decide whether you want to activate all four of the bingo cards that have been assigned to you. If your playing budget is lower, playing with 4 cards might be a bit much. So, if you want to shut some of them down, you can click on them to deactivate them or reduce the number in the ‘Cards’ section.

To decrease the amount you will bet, you can use the minus option under the ‘Stake’ section.

After you have decided on your bet, it’s time to start to game and find out whether you’re a winner. Before you trigger the bonus draw, you can change the cards that you have received by clicking the ‘Change Cards’ button.

When you’re ready to see the outcome of the draw, click on Play.

The game will automatically show you which of your cards and lines were winning ones.

Just like in other Microgaming bingo versions, you will have a chance to draw additional balls if you’re not satisfied with the result.

Pop Bingo

Now, most of us can agree that bingo games are light, entertaining and should be relaxing and fun. If you think fun and comedy are an essential part of the bingo game, Pop Bingo is the perfect choice for you!

Pop Bingo was developed by Playtech and presents a light game with a potential for monster wins for all those die-hard bingo fans.

Theme, graphics and sound

Pop Bingo’s design and animation will remind you of your teenage years and simply, the best of times. It will remind you that there are some things in life that can always put a smile on your face, whether you’re 6 or 66.

The cards you will be playing with are located on the left side of the game screen. The bingo wheel draw area is on the right.

Wondering what will make these popcorn ‘pop’? Get ready, because after you hit Play, the popcorn will start popping to land on a particular number field.

Generally speaking, the theme of this game is very unique and it’s really creative to connect to popcorn popping to the bingo draw.

Pop Bingo Gameplay

Popcorn Bingo by Playtech works a bit differently than most of the bingo games you’re probably used to playing. Instead of collecting winning lines and hoping to receive the right numbers at the right time, with this type of bingo it’s actually quite different.

All of the numbers in the bingo grid will definitely come out, the question is: when. Also, it’s not important whether your numbers are in a line or a row. It’s simply important that you fill out an entire card of numbers within a given period. Sounds tough? Well, you will see that it’s not that hard.

The goal of the game is to get all numbers as fast as possible.

At the top of the screen, you will see the payout for all possible timings of getting a winning combo.

As you can see, getting all of your numbers in under 40 pops will get you an amazing multiplier of 10,000!

If you get all the numbers on a single card in 90 pops, you will get nothing. For 88 pops, you will get half your bet and you need to get at least 86 pops before you get a win larger than your bet.

If you haven’t played this type of bingo before, we can definitely recommend it. If you are missing a single number on one or more of the cards, waiting for the right ball can be a real thrill!

Samba Bingo

In this bingo game overview, we have been frequently emphasizing the lightness and entertainment dimension of the bingo game. Well, there is hardly anything more entertaining than samba. Therefore, you can only imagine the fun and excitement that go with this kind of combination.

Samba Bingo is a variant of the bingo game developed by Microgaming. This is a game developer that is known for amazing bingo games, some of which are available here, too.

If you’re a fan of playing bingo who has tried many different versions of this game online, prepare for something new and different!

Samba Bingo by Microgaming will definitely surprise you and provide you with an amazing gaming experience.

Theme, graphics and sound

One of the strongest points of this game are the amazing graphics and animation. They contribute to give the game a flair of fast pace and action. At the same time, the samba music in the background will help you stay hyped and excited for the next bingo draw.

Four bingo cards will be available for your play when you first enter the game. The bingo wheel is located in the middle. When the draw is triggered, the numbers all come out at the same time. Even though some players might dislike this, others will find it awesome and fast. It’s perfect for players who are focused on the result of the game instead of the process.

At the top of the screen, you can see the exact payout list for all possible combinations, so you will know before you start the draw.

Samba Bingo Gameplay

Even though you are randomly handed out the numbers you are going to bet with, you can still choose to change the exact cards you will be playing with.

To do that, find the option in the command section. Next to the play button, you can see the ‘Change Cards’ option. If you’re not happy with the batch you’ve been given, you can change the set of cards.

Also, you’re not required to play with all 4 cards at the same time – this is optional and you can play even with just one. If you want to decrease the number of bets and deactivate one of the cards, you can do that by clicking on the card or clicking the minus button in the command line.

You can also decrease your stake if it’s too much for you in the beginning. To adjust it, click on minus or plus in the ‘Stake’ section.

As you can see, Samba Bingo gives you a lot of opportunities to adjust the game according to your preferences. Thus, you can start a custom game tailor-made for your wishes.