7 Up 7 Down Indian Game

Say hello to the #1 gameLudo King. You are wondering why we started this post with LUDO KING. The post should be about the 7 UP 7 DOWN Game, but there is a strong connection here.

7 UP 7 DOWN is a mini game in Ludo King. Did you know that Ludo King is the first ever Indian game that crossed the hundred million download mark on Google Play?

The game, Ludo King, is a contemporary version of the ancient Pachisi. As you are well aware, Pachisi is a game that was played by the royal Emperor Akbar.

Also known as, ‘Chaupar’, the Pachisi game was once played on a massive courtyard with women slaves playing the role of ‘pawns.’

In today’s digital world, we have become human-friendly, and using online pawns to play the game.

When you head to the play store, LUDO King is ranked as the #1 game. Now that’s an achievement for the makers! Getting back to the main theme of this post, we will tell you everything about the mini game ‘7 UP 7 DOWN.’

Read on to find out more about this mini game. You will also find comprehensive details about LUDO KING here, considering 7 UP DOWN is a part of it.

Also, we noticed that there is too much of confusion in the online world. There are keen punters who search for 7 UP 7 DOWN game, but they find that there are two variants. One is the mini game in Ludo King, and the other is a famous card casino game.

We thought of giving a comprehensive guide for both the games! This way you can understand the game play of both the variants. Are you excited?

 Let’s begin!

Introducing 7 UP 7 DOWN Mini Dice Game

Winning is solely dependent on your expertise. When you download the Ludo King application, you get to play a mini game called, 7 Up 7 Down. This is a golden chance for the player to boost the coin number.

Once this coin number boosts, you can further use the same to play the famous Ludo King game.

7 UP 7 DOWN is as exciting as the Ludo King game. How? Two of the dices with six sides are rolled and the final outcome is totalled.

Are you wondering how to play the game? Let’s get started with the elaborate post that tells you everything about 7 UP 7 DOWN. Make sure you read it fully!

How To Play 7 Up 7 Down

Playing the 7 UP 7 Down dice game on Ludo King is fairly simple. Here, we have given you a detailed explanation of the game play.

As you open the 7 UP 7 Down game, you will have to select one of the three options flashing on the screen.

First option is 2 to 6.

Second is 7.

Third is 8 to 12.

If you roll two dices, there are chances of getting 2 to 12. Look closely and you would find that getting number 7 is the most lucrative option.

As a player, you want to win more coins to be able to use it for Ludo King. The question is – Is it safe to choose the 7 number option?

You can get 7 number in six different ways. Here are the possibilities:

  • 2, 5
  • 3, 4
  • 1, 6
  • 4, 3
  • 5, 2
  • 6, 1

The probability of getting seven is 1:6.

It is a tricky situation to choose one option. As you can see, choosing option with 7 has 3x winning amount. But, once again, getting the number is rare. Low rollers would rather choose the other options.

So, place a bet once you chosen one of the options. For example, you took 2 to 6 option, now place the bet of INR 500 or INR 1000 (as per your preference).

Select one option. Place your bet.

Now, click on roll dice and you would find the outcome.

Click on roll dice.

Interestingly, the graphics are stellar. You will be mesmerized by the animation and the bright colours on your screen.

Everything is crystal clear – the instructions, the graphics, and the game play. Even a novice would not have any problem playing the game for the very first time.

In Ludo King, the 7 up 7 down game is a way to grab more coins. If you lose, the coins will get deducted. But if you win, you will see the numbers increasing.

Get the outcome.

What happens after you roll dices? Two dices roll and fall on a ruby red surface. You get the outcome in front of you! It could either be ‘you lose’ or ‘you win.’ Don’t be disheartened if you get ‘you lose’ the very first time. There is a strategy for winning heaps of coins too!

If you got a total of 6 or below, you win. If you get anything above 6, you will lose the game. Hence you have to choose the option carefully.

Just in case you lose, double your bet and the chances of winning increase. That is one trick that you can use to win this game and increasing your chances of winning big money.

The secret is – you might lose four times, but the fifth time you will certainly win.

Remember that INR 500 is the minimum bet. The key is to start at a slow pace, and not go overboard with your budget. Firstly, learn the strategy and apply it.

Once you win, place a low bet again. You must always remember that you cannot win 100 out of 100 times. If Lady Luck is by your side, you might win but the key is to go with the minimum amount.

Start with minimum, then double up the amount. The experts of this game benefit a lot by doubling their amount. There is no loss here! Many punters double their bets and they start from INR 1000. Keep doubling it up! You will get 2x at least.

When you get the hang of the game, start placing higher bets.

In a nutshell, choose option 1 or 3 because the probability of getting 2-6 or 8 to 12 is higher. At the end of the day, you would want a solid coin balance.

So, learn the strategy and reap the benefits from Ludo King.

Speaking of Ludo King, we thought of getting you familiar with the game. Let’s begin!

Ludo King – The #1 Lockdown Game In India

Amidst the Corona virus lockdown, the inhabitants were hassled with the idea of staying indoors. However, there are certain games out there that helped in passing time. One of the most famous games during lockdown period was LUDO KING. That’s where the 7 UP 7 DOWN game is.

Even celebrity music artists went online and on TV to advertise LUDO KING to people who were locked inside their homes. None of the games out there have had such exposure. Perhaps even the celebrities started playing the game.

Anybody who owns a smart phone can easily start playing this game. The question is – What is special about this game? Since the 7 UP 7 DOWN game is a mini game in Ludo King, it is important to know more about it.

For starters, let’s find out the history of this game.

History of Ludo – The Game with 7 Up 7 Down

Ludo took inspiration from the Indian game, ‘Pachisi.’ A British man was supremely impressed with the Pachisi game, and so he went back to his homeland and created the ‘square dice.’ So, he patented this game and called it, ‘LUDO.’ The Americans call it, ‘Parchisi.’

The history of Pachisi is interesting. It was also called ‘CHAUPAR.’ You can still find the structure of ‘chaupar’ in lavish  hotels and old forts in India. That’s because Akbar, a Mughal emperor, loved playing the game. The story is quite intriguing. Akbar turned the courtyard into a chaupar or Pachisi game-board. Instead of using pawns, he turned women slaves into playing pieces.

In Mahabharat, the Pandavas put their dear wife at stake in a Chopad or Chaupar game.

Interestingly, you will also find the drawings of this game at Ellora Caves in Maharashtra. Hence, it is proved that the Indians invented the game – thanks to the royalty.

Popularity of Ludo In India

The majority of the Indian crowd grew up playing Ludo with their family. It does not cater to any specific age. In fact, the whole family likes to sit and enjoy a game of Ludo.

Since a very long time, people have been buying the Ludo board from the market. When there is free time or it is a Sunday brunch, families and couples can sit down and play this famous board game. It requires strategy and keeps the player’s mind hooked for long.

Ludo is an extremely popular board game for any age group! Even in school libraries, public libraries, and cafes, one can easily find a Ludo board.

Since it is easy to grasp, even 8-year-old kids can understand the game play.

No More PAPER Wastage – Go Digital

Deforestation is a major problem in different parts of the world. It is best to NOT waste paper. Just like you use online wallets, credit, debit cards, and more for making payments,  it is good to go online and play the board games.

Ludo King is the most downloaded game in India! Thanks to the lockdown periods, everyone in the world understood the meaning of spending quality time with their family members.

The makers have brought the board game to a digital platform. The icing on the cake is that it is free of cost. Ludo King came into existence in the year 2016. The digital game was not as popular back in 2016, but it has gained massive popularity in the year 2020.

As we mentioned before, Ludo King is the first ever Indian origin game to get 100 million downloads. As of now, it has crossed 300 million.

Instead of buying the board game from the market, you can simply get the application and play it with friends. This way you will save paper! In fact, there will be a time when these board games will go digital and nobody will ever waste paper. The existing board game you have in your home will become an artefact in the coming ages.

Hence, save the environment by saying NO to cutting trees for paper-making process.

Let’s tell you about the good, bad, and ugly part of Ludo King. Are you ready for it?

The Pros of Ludo King:

  • You can relive your childhood days.
  • Chat with your relatives/buddies/family members/colleagues. In fact, you can make new friends from all over the world. Ludo King allows you to socialize.
  • You can start playing with your friends on this application. There is a multiplayer option which you can share with your friends. This way you can relive those old times and play Ludo with your close ones.
  • You can easily express yourself using emojis. Yes, you can send emojis to your friends and families while playing Ludo King.
  • Internet connection is not required here.
  • The game is free to play.
  • You can gather coins by playing 7 UP 7 DOWN mini game.
  • It is easy to play.

The Cons of Ludo King:

We could not think of any cons! After going through the game rules, the mini game, and the interesting features, we found that Ludo King is highly entertaining, and a good way to bond with your family (digitally).

Perhaps you would spend too much time playing these games online that you might lose track of time. Let’s warn you here: the game is highly addictive. Considering it is extremely popular in the Indian subcontinent, you might get hooked to it.

The Ray of Hope:

There is nothing to hate about the game. Considering it is the first Indian game to get over a hundred million downloads speaks volumes.

People from different financial backgrounds can start playing the game as it does not cost a penny. It sharpens your thinking skills, and allows you to have fun within the comfort of your home.

As the lockdown period has ended, people are heading back to offices. If you are still working from home or have plenty of time at office (less workload), take out your phone and indulge in the game.

How do you play the digital version?

Well, it is quite similar to the physical game board that you have in your home.

We all know the desperation behind getting a six on the dice. As a player, you have take a full round of the board to get to the centre.

Each of the player in Ludo King gets four tokens/pawns. The aim is to get these tokens move all across the board and reach the focal/centre point.

Whoever reaches the centre first (all tokens) will win the game. It could be you, your uncle, your colleague from office, or the girl you like. The numbers on the dice will decide your fate. Hence, it is about Lady Luck, but also about how you roll the dice.

Apart from this intriguing game, you can accumulate coins by playing the mini game ‘7 UP 7 DOWN.’ We are back to where we started! 7 UP 7 DOWN is a short game in Ludo King, but it is an easy way to gather some coins.

In fact, YouTubers are spending a lot of time researching on this subject and finding tricks to help you win more coins in Ludo King.

The Cloud of Confusion – Let’s Clear The Air

When we started playing board games and online casino games, we were in a dilemma. What was the dilemma? Perhaps you have also gone through it. There are two games available – 7 UP 7 DOWN in Ludo King which is basically a dice game, and the other is 7 UP 7 DOWN card game.

Two of these are different from each other, but they guarantee you unlimited fun.

We thought of clearing the air and providing a guide for both the games. You can choose to play whichever you like.

Let’s take a quick look at the 7 UP 7 DOWN card game.

Understanding The 7 UP 7 DOWN Casino Card Game

As we move forward, let’s get you familiar with the 7 UP 7 DOWN casino card game. This one is different because it includes card play.

The 7 UP 7 DOWN Game (card game) is fairly simple. After shuffling the cards at the casino table, the dealer opens only one card. You have three betting options. Let’s take a look at the options you have on the table:

1. You can choose 7 UP which means the card will be of a value of more than 7.

2. 7 DOWN is the option wherein the value is less than 7.

3. And then, we have 7 in which the card will exactly be of 7 number.

The card colour does not matter, and the payout is 1:1.

Prospective players believe that it requires a lot of logic to win the game. Truth be told, it all depends on your luck.

The question is – Where can you play the 7 UP 7 DOWN card game? That’s simple! You can either go to an online portal or head to a casino.

Both options are available for keen punters.

The Seven Up Seven Down card game is also known as, ‘Old Sledge.’ It is derived from a popular game called All Fours Card Game.

The popular game is intriguing, which is why is is played by thousands of players around the world. All you need to do is place a bet on the ‘card.’ You can place your bet on any two types of cards – high or low.

The low cards means anything between 2 to 7. The high cards will be between 8 & K. Once you guess the card value which is about to get revealed, you will get the outcome. This will be the deciding factor whether you will win or lose.

In a nutshell, the online world is confusing, and you will come across a number of games that have the same name. But, there is no harm in trying each one of them. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Concluding Thoughts

Board games are an integral part of our lives. The first time our parents placed a game board in front of us, we were overjoyed. As we grow up, these game boards remain classic for us.

As the world goes digitally advanced every step of the way, but the board games have a special place in everyone’s hearts. In India, Ludo and even card games will remain timeless.

If you are not finding time to step out and buy the cards or game board, you can go online and get these games. The Ludo King game is available at the play store, and card games are still played on major festivals like Diwali and Holi.

These games teach us a lot about togetherness. It also tells us that certain activities are boring without a crowd. That’s precisely why Ludo King and 7 UP 7 DOWN card game includes multi-players.

You can invite your friends online or even challenge your Facebook friends. Moreover, it is fun to know people from all across the globe. What if you are staying in a different country? Through these interactive multi-player games, you can also have a fun time with your loved ones.

So, enjoy this great and exciting game online or your smart phones. It is easily accessible for all age groups and financial backgrounds. The good part is that you can play it for free, and there is a healthy competitiveness attached to the game.

Get the application today or start playing the card game at one of the Indian online casinos. You will certainly have a lot of fun!

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